Collage is a fun way to combine different materials such as paper, photo, newspaper, textiles in one peace of art. Then an artist can add a bit of drawing, a bit of painting and write some words. As a result the artwork absorbs outside world in form of the leftovers and inner ideas of the author to create a unique image. We are glad to present you Elena Bertollo who made an elegant range of hand-made paper collages with rich and sophisticated texture. She investigation man and woman relationships. The other series is about old cinema. You can feel burgundy velvet of old chairs in dark movie hall. Emerging artist Ivan Ninety has came to collage from street-art. Collage has no rules, any media can work together. Such a freedom attracted young artist and he created a set of collages giving new life to the photographs from old magazines. It may remind you constructivism of Rodchenko or old Italian movies. Markers and watercolor helped to finish the artwork. There are some philosophy and psychology in these black and white collages with a hint of color. Look at our favorite collages and choose yours. Your interior will get fresh wave of spontaneous art.

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